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Posted on 08-08-2023

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Best Hiking Routes In Delaware

There is nothing quite like a hike through the many beautiful parts of Delaware. Not only can a nice long walk bring you closer to nature, but it can also help you to build your fitness and your muscles, improving overall health. You’ll also get some much-needed fresh air, helping to clear your mind and boost your mood.

In our corner of Delaware called Lewes, we’re ideally positioned for families, couples, and people traveling solo to make the most of the many hiking routes in the region. Whether you like discovering different trails for birdwatching or simply as a way to unwind, we’ve created a short guide to the best hiking routes in the state of Delaware.

Don’t forget — you can reserve your room at The Beacon Inn for a comfortable stay and a convenient location to start and end your adventure. We also have bike rentals on the premises, as well as storage for guests to bring their bikes, so you can also enjoy many of the local trails on two wheels as well.

Best hiking routes in Delaware

Is Delaware good for hiking?

Delaware isn’t just good for hiking, it’s great for hiking! 

The state parks here in Delaware mean that there are so many wonderful locations for walks both long and short. Due to relatively low elevation throughout the state, there aren’t too many extreme hills or mountains to climb, which means it’s ideal for those with little ones or with slightly more limited mobility and stamina.

With woods, parks, coastline, and valleys to explore, you can find a route that best suits your ability and the amount of time you want to spend strolling, rambling, and trekking outdoors. 


What is the hardest hiking trail in Delaware?

Thanks to the aforementioned lack of difficult terrain, the hardest hiking trail in Delaware is probably the Brandywine Creek Long Loop. Known as a more challenging route, this is actually located near Wilmington in the north of the state. Its reputation as a tougher hike comes from the fact it can take over 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete, and it consists of an undulating trail that is made from crushed stone in places.

That’s why our area of Sussex County, in Southern Delaware, is a hotspot for hiking trails that are easier to enjoy at a leisurely pace. Let’s explore some of our recommended, scenic hiking routes next.


Hiking routes in Delaware

Hiking routes in Delaware

The Junction & Breakwater Trail is a popular route nearby, connecting Lewes, Rehoboth, and Cape Henlopen State Park. This route is handy for accessing a lot of the trails in the local area, but aside from the loop itself, here are a few recommended hiking routes that we find are popular.

Gordons Pond Trail

At the southern end of Cape Henlopen State Park, you’ll find the beginning of Gordons Pond Trail running along the side of Dune Road. Eventually, you’ll wind through the Gordons Pond area with boardwalks over the flat marshland. This is considered an easy walk and ends just short of the most northern part of Rehoboth Beach.

Cape Henlopen Walk

The Cape Henlopen State Park can be hiked in a number of ways, but with a paved loop, you can see the best of this beautiful park, including dunes, the Seaside Nature Center, Fort Miles, and a variety of wildlife. You can turn off where Cape Henlopen Drive meets Dune Road to go anti-clockwise or head straight on to take the route clockwise.

Redden State Forest Loop

Just a short drive away from Lewes, Redden State Forest offers another great loop trail to hike. With dense forests, bridges, meadows, and several bridges, you’ll find this trail relatively flat and easy to traverse, with a network of worn paths for you to follow from the starting point at the parking lot.

Georgetown-Lewes Trail

For ambitious hikers looking for a longer route, the Georgetown-Lewes Trail features roughly 10 miles of trail and is set to grow to 17 miles when it fully connects Georgetown to Lewes (including the Junction & Breakwater Trail). Begin at Gills Neck Road and head west, with a paved, tree-shaded route towards Georgetown, connecting with State Route 9. Extra caution is advised due to multiple crossings along this trail.

Blue Goose & Black Farm Trail

Drive 20 minutes north of Lewes and you’ll find yet another beautiful location for a hike. Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is just east of Milton and the parking lot at the end of Turkle Pond Road is your starting point to start this loop featuring the Blue Goose and Black Farm Trails. Since it’s a haven for migratory birds in the region, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to spot local wildlife along this flat route of marshland and forest.

So what are you waiting for? Pack some sturdy footwear, your bug spray, and your reusable water canteen, and reserve a room with us here in Lewes, DE, at The Beacon Inn. Featuring rooms with private balconies, a swimming pool, and a sun deck, we’ll make sure you get a fantastic night’s rest so that you’re ready for your next adventure tomorrow.

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